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Combination Crusher

Combination Crusher

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The combination crusher is a new generation high efficiency crushing machine designed and researched by integrating the domestic and foreign crusher technology with the same kinds and optimizing the main technical parameters.

high efficiency concentrator for glass

Acrylic Fresnel lenses are widely accepted in the photovoltaic specialist community as a good concentrator approach. The authors have developed a hybrid Fresnel Lens made of …

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  • (pdf)concentrator pv modules of all-glassdesign by

    (pdf)concentrator pv modules of all-glassdesign by

    The module housing is made totally out of glass. High-efficient dual-junction cells of Ga 0.65 In 0.35 P/Ga 0.83 In 0.17 As are applied. Outdoor measurements showed module efficiencies of > 22 %

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  • high-performance cuins2 quantum dot laminatedglass

    high-performance cuins2 quantum dot laminatedglass

    By incorporating high quantum yield (>90%), NIR-emitting CuInS 2 /ZnS quantum dots into the polymer interlayer between two sheets of low-iron float glass, a record optical efficiency of 8.1% is demonstrated for a 10 cm × 10 cm device that transmits ∼44% visible light

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  • osa | solarconcentratormodules with silicone-on-glass

    osa | solarconcentratormodules with silicone-on-glass

    In turn, high-efficiency InGaP/(In)GaAs/Ge cells are arranged on a rear module panel mounted on a glass plate which functions as a heat sink and integrated protective cover for the cells. The developed PV modules and sun trackers are characterized by simple design, and are regarded as the prototypes for further commercialization

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  • generate compressed oxygen for torchwork andglassblowing

    generate compressed oxygen for torchwork andglassblowing

    For the MAX compressor, the limit is 55 LPM or six 10 LPM concentrators (we recommend operating your 10 LPM concentrators at 9 LPM to increase oxygen purity). For the Mighty Mite and Standard compressors, the limit is 45 LPM, or five 10 LPM concentrators

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  • energyperformance ratings for windows, doors, and

    energyperformance ratings for windows, doors, and

    It's usually expressed in units of Btu/hr-ft2-oF. For windows, skylights, and glass doors, a U-factor may refer to just the glass or glazing alone. NFRC U-factor ratings, however, represent the entire window performance, including frame and spacer material. The lower the U-factor, the more energy-efficient the window, door, or skylight

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  • a >3000suns high concentrator photovoltaic design based

    a >3000suns high concentrator photovoltaic design based

    Jul 15, 2018 · A high concentrator photovoltaic design is proposed of 5800x geometrical concentration ratio based on multiple primary Fresnel lenses focusing to one central solar cell. The final stage optic is of a novel design, made of a high refractive index (n = ∼1.76), to accept light from four different directions but very easily manufactured

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  • high-efficiency organic solar concentratorsfor

    high-efficiency organic solar concentratorsfor

    Jul 11, 2008 · High optical concentration without excess heating in a stationary system can be achieved with a luminescent solar concentrator (LSC) (1 – 5). LSCs consist of a dye dispersed in a transparent

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  • ahigh-temperature, high-efficiency solar thermoelectric

    ahigh-temperature, high-efficiency solar thermoelectric

    Jan 01, 2014 · STEG prototype components To produce a high-efficiency STEG, several state-of-the-art technologies must be integrated. As discussed above, a module formed from several of the high-efficiency TEG couples developed at JPL will serve as the power- generating device. ... The array of 25 hexagonal mirrors, or primary concentrator, delivers a beam

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  • us20100186818a1- holographicsolar concentrator- google

    us20100186818a1- holographicsolar concentrator- google

    The concentrator preferably uses Bragg chirp gratings, having high diffraction efficiency leading to high conversion efficiency of light power. The concentrator is preferably a thin film

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  • high-concentration systems (hcpv) - fraunhofer ise

    high-concentration systems (hcpv) - fraunhofer ise

    High-Efficiency - A Key for CPV: Presentation held at CPV-10, 10th International Conference on Concentrator Photovoltaic Systems 2014, Albuquerque, USA, 08.04.2014 Bett, A.W. Presentation

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  • what is energy-efficientglazing?

    what is energy-efficientglazing?

    Energy-efficient glazing is the term used to describe the double glazing or triple glazing use in modern windows in homes. Unlike the original single glazing or old double glazing, energy-efficent glazing incorporates coated (low-emissivity) glass to prevent heat escaping through the windows

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  • novelhigh-efficiency concentratorfor optical fiber

    novelhigh-efficiency concentratorfor optical fiber

    Aug 07, 2002 · The theoretical concentration efficiency was calculated by ray trace simulation considering the reflectance of the concentrator's reflective layer. The metal reflection layer of reflectance 95% was formed by gold-nickel mirror plating method in a glass hole. As a result, the concentration efficiency of the concentrator was measured as 89%

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  • oxygenconcentrators- mountainglassarts

    oxygenconcentrators- mountainglassarts

    Borosilicate & Soft Glass. To provide a better shopping experience, our website uses cookies. ... HV30 High Volume Oxygen Concentrator System. Drop Ship Item Call For Lead Time. $5,534.00 . Add to Cart . High Volume Oxygen Relay Box. Drop Ship Item Call For Lead Time. $390.00

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  • high-efficiency concentrator- fote machinery(ftm)

    high-efficiency concentrator- fote machinery(ftm)

    The Application and Function of High Efficiency Concentrator: High-efficiency concentrator is suitable for dewatering concentrate and tailing in concentrator plant. It is widely used in metallurgical, chemical, coal, non-metallic mineral processing, environmental protection, and other industries

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  • cg-1215-c -condensers, high efficiency- chemglass life

    cg-1215-c -condensers, high efficiency- chemglass life

    condensers, high efficiency This unique design combines some of the best features for refluxing in a single condenser. Coolant, introduced into the upper hose connection, fills a large cold finger that is wrapped with coils

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  • highperformance fresnel-based photovoltaicconcentrator

    highperformance fresnel-based photovoltaicconcentrator

    Simulation results for the FK concentrator The various FK concentrator designs and their ray-tracing simulations have the following features: (i) Fresnel lens: made of PMMA (n≈1.49), facet draft angle = 2°, vertex radius = 3 m, facet height<250 m; (ii) SOE: made of BK7 glass (n≈1.51) coupled to the cell with a transparent silicone rubber of n≈1.41 (e.g., Sylgard 182 of Dow Corning); (iii) High efficiency (≈38%) …

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  • high-efficiency concentratorsilicon solar cells - nasa/ads

    high-efficiency concentratorsilicon solar cells - nasa/ads

    An advanced design for a 1.56-cm(sup 2) cell with front grids achieved 26 percent efficiency at 90 suns. This is especially significant since this cell does not require a prismatic cover glass. New designs for simplified backside-contact solar cells were advanced from a status of near-nonfunctionality to demonstrated 21 to 22 percent for one-sun cells in sizes up to 37.5 cm(sup 2)

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